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Sublime MySQL monitoring

TL;DR: Start with the Introduction, then try the Quick Start.

Blip is an extremely advanced yet exceptionally easy-to-use MySQL monitor. It collects MySQL metrics from anywhere: on-premise bare metal, RDS in the cloud, developers’ laptops, and some people’s dreams.

Blip was designed from the ground up to be the best and the last MySQL monitor ever written. It has many features and capabilities, but what really matters is that it solves real problems.


MySQL MySQL 5.7 and newer, any distribution, any location
OS Linux
Go Go 1.18 and newer
Metrics • Built-in: Datadog, SignalFx (Splunk), Chronosphere
• Custom: any (Sink plugin)

GitHub Repo

Official releases are tagged with version. Only the latest version is stable and supported.


For bugs and general issues, please create a new GitHub issue.

If submitting code changes, please also see the contributing guide.

Release Notes