Making iOS Accessibility Testing Easy

Unit tests are great for testing business logic, snapshot tests make sure your views look correct, and UI tests help to ensure everything fits together properly. How do you test...

App-Layer Encryption in AWS

Encrypting application data has traditionally been complicated. It runs the risks of being done incorrectly, not being more secure, negatively impacting performance or availability, and even losing access to data....

Brief History of Logquacious

Logquacious (lq) is an open source, fast, and simple log viewer written at Cash App. It supports reading structured log entries directly from an Elasticsearch log store. It is available...

Improving Animations on iOS with Stagehand

Adding animations to your app turns a fairly routine interaction into a more enjoyable, exciting experience. These animations make a straightforward design into something that feels polished and professional.

Wire 3: gRPC meets Kotlin

Wire is our open source implementation of Protocol Buffers. Today’s release supports Kotlin, gRPC, and Gradle.