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For AWS SDK 1.x

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Name Summary
BatchWriteResult data class BatchWriteResult
It contains information about the unprocessed items and the exception causing the failure.
BatchWriteSet data class BatchWriteSet
A write that the client sends to the DynamoDb service.
BeginsWith data class BeginsWith<K> :KeyCondition<K>
Applies equality condition on the hash key and the following condition on the range key
Between data class Between<K> :KeyCondition<K>
Applies equality condition on the hash key and the following condition on the range key
Codec interface Codec<A :Any, D :Any>
Converts values between the mutable DynamoDBMapper objects that defines the union of all key and value attributes, and specific Tempest values.
FilterExpression data class FilterExpression
If you need to further refine the Scan results, you can optionally provide a filter expression. A filter expression determines which items within the Scan results should be returned to you. All of the other results are discarded.
InlineView interface InlineView<K :Any, I :Any> :View<K,I>,Scannable<K,I>,Queryable<K,I>
ItemSet class ItemSet :Set<Any>
A collection of items across tables.
KeyCondition sealed class KeyCondition<K>
Used to query a table or an index.
KeySet class KeySet :Set<Any>
A collection of keys or items across tables.
LogicalDb interface LogicalDb :LogicalTable.Factory
A collection of tables that implement the DynamoDB best practice of putting multiple item types into the same storage table. This makes it possible to perform aggregate operations and transactions on those item types.
LogicalTable interface LogicalTable<RI :Any> :View<RI,RI>,InlineView.Factory,SecondaryIndex.Factory
A collection of views on a DynamoDB table that makes it easy to model heterogeneous items using strongly typed data classes.
Offset data class Offset<K>
Page data class Page<K, T>
Queryable interface Queryable<K :Any, I :Any>
QueryConfig data class QueryConfig
ScanConfig data class ScanConfig
Scannable interface Scannable<K :Any, I :Any>
SecondaryIndex interface SecondaryIndex<K :Any, I :Any> :Scannable<K,I>,Queryable<K,I>
TransactionWriteSet data class TransactionWriteSet
View interface View<K :Any, I :Any>
WorkerId data class WorkerId
By default, the Scan operation processes data sequentially. Amazon DynamoDB returns data to the application in 1 MB increments, and an application performs additional Scan operations to retrieve the next 1 MB of data.
WritingPager class WritingPager<T>
A control flow abstraction for paging transactional writes.


Name Summary
Attribute annotation class Attribute
Maps an item class property to one or more attributes in a DynamoDB table.
ForIndex annotation class ForIndex
Maps an key class to a global or local secondary index in a DynamoDB table.


Name Summary
transactionWritingPager fun <DB :LogicalDb, T>DB.transactionWritingPager(items:List<T>, maxTransactionItems:Int= 25, handler:WritingPager.Handler<T>):WritingPager<T>