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Change Log


1.3.4 - 2024-05-23


  • Support for animated-PNG-based snapshots using Paparazzi#gif
  • New tasks! deletePaparazziSnapshots and cleanRecordPaparazzi${VARIANT} clear orphaned snapshots
  • Add boolean flag to decide if image should be scaled or full-sized
  • Migrate Paparazzi to layoutlib Iguana 2023.2.1
  • Compose 1.5.14
  • Kotlin 1.9.24
  • [Gradle Plugin] Gradle 8.7
  • [Gradle Plugin] Android Gradle Plugin 8.3.2


  • Fix long content description being cut off in accessibility snapshots
  • Include resource references from generated resource folders
  • Fix gradle caching for resources coming from aar dependencies
  • Support SHRINK render mode when using unsafeUpdateConfig
  • Fix issue where multiple snapshots fail when using render extensions
  • Remove guava workaround from 1.3.2 now that Collector APIs are in guava-android

Kudos to @geoff-powell, @gamepro65, @kevinzheng-ap, @nak5ive, @TWiStErRob, @emuguy1 and others for contributions this release!

1.3.3 - 2024-03-01


  • Migrate Paparazzi to layoutlib Hedgehog 2023.1.1
  • Compose 1.5.8
  • Kotlin 1.9.22
  • [Gradle Plugin] Gradle 8.6
  • [Gradle Plugin] Android Gradle Plugin 8.2.1


  • Update the DeviceConfig screenWidth internally for accessibility tests
  • Fix variant caching issues in new resource/asset loading mechanisms
  • Remove legacy resources/assets loading mechanism
  • Set HardwareConfig width and height based on orientation
  • Apply round screen qualifier to device config
  • Restrict Paparazzi’s public API
  • Remove obsolete NEXUS_5_LAND DeviceConfig
  • Fix formatting so that all digits show upon failure
  • Stop resolving dependencies at configuration time
  • Use our own internal HandlerDispatcher for Compose Ui tests
  • Include generated string resources
  • Reset logger to prevent swallowing exceptions

Kudos to @gamepro65, @kevinzheng-ap, @BrianGardnerAtl, @adamalyyan, and others for contributions this release!

1.3.2 - 2024-01-13

NOTE: Due to a known issue with how Guava now publishes its artifact, you will need to apply the following snippet workaround to your root build.gradle:

subprojects {
  plugins.withId("") {
    // Defer until afterEvaluate so that testImplementation is created by Android plugin.
    afterEvaluate {
      dependencies.constraints {
        add("testImplementation", "") {
          attributes {
              objects.named(TargetJvmEnvironment, TargetJvmEnvironment.STANDARD_JVM)
          because("LayoutLib and sdk-common depend on Guava's -jre published variant." +
See also:


  • Support for pseudolocalization tests! To get started:

    class PseudolocalizationTest(
      @TestParameter locale: Locale
    ) {
      @get:Rule val paparazzi = Paparazzi(
        deviceConfig = DeviceConfig.PIXEL_5.copy(locale = locale.tag)
      @Test fun test() {
        paparazzi.snapshot { SomeComposable() }
      enum class Locale(val tag: String?) {

  • Migrate Paparazzi to layoutlib Giraffe 2022.3.1

  • Compose 1.5.0
  • Kotlin 1.9.0
  • [Gradle Plugin] Gradle 8.5
  • [Gradle Plugin] Android Gradle Plugin 8.1.1


  • Fix relativePath bug in port of ResourceFile
  • Resolve report dir from ReportingExtension instead of hardcoding
  • Make report folder variant-aware
  • Remove reliance on kotlinx.coroutines.main.delay
  • Use a class file locator that queries the system class loader
  • Filter out unrecognized java-symbol tag warning
  • Skip synthetic fields in R classes
  • Update task inputs for resources and assets to account for file renames and moves
  • Update delta images to support showing diff when width and height differ

Kudos to @kevinzheng-ap, @TWiStErRob, @gamepro65, @adamalyyan, @larryng, and others for contributions this release!

1.3.1 - 2023-07-18


  • Migrated to new resource and asset loading mechanisms. To explicitly opt-out and fall back to the legacy mechanisms, add either/both of the following to your

  • The Android system ui (status + navigation bar) is now hidden by default; to re-enable:

      val paparazzi = Paparazzi(
        showSystemUi = true

  • Relocate failure deltas from PROJECT_ROOT/out/failures/ to BUILD_DIR/paparazzi/failures/

  • Support for application and dynamic feature modules
  • [Gradle Plugin] Gradle 8.2.1


  • Fix accessibility labels when mergeDescendants is true
  • Fixes compose alert dialogs not rendering when using RenderingMode.SHRINK

Kudos to @kevinzheng-ap, @adamalyyan and others for contributions this release!

1.3.0 - 2023-05-31

As of this release, consumers must build on Java 17+ environments.


  • Migrate Paparazzi to layoutlib Flamingo 2022.2.1
  • Add accessibility support for Composables
  • Add layout accessibility check support
  • Compose 1.4.7
  • Kotlin 1.8.21
  • [Gradle Plugin] Gradle 8.1.1
  • [Gradle Plugin] Android Gradle Plugin 8.0.2


  • Configure android.os.Build values via reflection
  • Various bug fixes with AccessibilityRenderExtension
  • Make sure changes to system properties actually affect test tasks
  • Fix caching bug with preparePaparazziResources task
  • Use Dispatchers.Main for delay functionality
  • Recomposition does not happen unless lifecycle is RESUMED
  • Fix NPE when unit test variant is disabled
  • Fix incompatibility with androidx.savedstate:1.1.0

Kudos to @gamepro65, @geoff-powell, @TWiStErRob, @adamalyyan and others for contributions this release!

1.2.0 - 2023-01-18


  • Migrate Paparazzi to layoutlib Electric Eel 2022.1.1
  • Add support for RenderingMode.SHRINK to allow view-only screenshots
  • Expose flag to show/hide system ui
  • Register a default OnBackPressedDispatcherOwner if its present in classpath
  • Bump default compileSdk to API 33
  • Compose 1.3.1
  • Kotlin 1.7.20
  • [Gradle Plugin] Gradle 7.6
  • [Gradle Plugin] Android Gradle Plugin 7.4.0


  • Flush errors on unsafeUpdateConfig
  • Only apply wear circle shape to full device screenshots
  • Synchronize access to Handler_Delegate.queue
  • Apply compose hooks to all snapshot calls
  • Register LifecycleOwner and SavedStateRegistryOwner to all views
  • Execute Handler callbacks after snapshots to clean up Compose references
  • Fix RecyclerView issue due to layoutlib Dolphin update
  • Keep AGP and tools dependencies aligned

Kudos to @gamepro65, @saket, @rharter and others for contributions this release!

1.1.0 - 2022-10-12


  • Migrate Paparazzi to layoutlib Chipmunk 2021.2.1
  • Add support for multiplatform plugin
  • Add support for JDKs 16+
  • Add support for locales and layout direction (LTR/RTL)
  • Add Pixel 6 & Pixel 6 Pro device configs
  • Enable night mode for legacy views and composables
  • Enable ui mode to support form factors other than phones/tablets, e.g., auto, watches, etc.
  • Google Wear DeviceConfig support
  • Expose an API for offsetting frame capture time
  • Add InstantAnimationsRule to delay snapshot capture until the last frame.
  • Compose 1.3.0
  • Kotlin 1.7.10
  • [Gradle Plugin] Gradle 7.5.1


  • Generate resource ids to support aapt inline resources in composables
  • Reset AndroidUiDispatcher between compose snapshots
  • Fix OOM error when a large number of compose snapshots are verified
  • Fix HTML report in development mode
  • Honor customization of Gradle’s build output directory
  • [Gradle Plugin] Configure native platform transformed path directly in test task to reduce cache misses
  • [Gradle Plugin] Fix accidental eager task creation reducing memory pressure
  • [Gradle Plugin] Fail explicitly when applying Android application plugin

Kudos to @chris-horner, @swankjesse, @yschimke, @dniHze, @TWiStErRob, @gamepro65, @liutikas and others for contributions this release!

1.0.0 - 2022-06-03


  • Support for Composable snapshots
  • Migrate Paparazzi to layoutlib Bumblebee 2021.1.1 for better rendering and API 31 support
  • Update Paparazzi configuration via new unsafeUpdateConfig method instead of snapshot/gif
  • Cache Paparazzi bootstrap logic for better performance per test suite
  • Surface internally thrown exceptions from layoutlib
  • Throw a more helpful exception if Android platform is missing
  • Bump default compileSdk to API 31
  • Compose 1.1.1
  • Kotlin 1.6.10
  • [Gradle Plugin] Gradle 7.4.2
  • [Gradle Plugin] Android Gradle Plugin 7.1.2


  • Prepend paths with file:// for clickable error output in IDE
  • Update default SDK path on Linux
  • Fix accessibility test logic to avoid unnecessary coloring changes on updated view ids
  • Fixes crash when using InputMethodManager to show/hide keyboard
  • Temporarily work around Compose runtime memory leaks
  • [Gradle Plugin] Prefer namespace DSL declaration over manifest package declaration
  • [Gradle Plugin] Publish plugin marker on snapshot builds
  • [Gradle Plugin] Exclude androidTest sourceSets during paparazzi runs

Kudos to @luis-cortes, @nak5ive, @alexvanyo, @gamepro65 and others for contributions this release!

0.9.3 - 2022-01-20


  • Load the correct mac arm artifact on M1 machines
  • Generate fake for consistent colors for accessibility entries when views are modified

Kudos to @geoff-powell, @nicbell for their contributions this release!

0.9.2 - 2022-01-20

Please ignore this release

0.9.1 - 2022-01-14


  • Download mac arm artifact if on M1 machines
  • Support for assets from transitive dependencies
  • Add fix for ClassNotFoundException when using nonTransitiveRClass
  • Update RELEASING notes to publish plugin marker artifact
  • Avoid NPE in AccessibilityRenderExtension when layout params are not supplied
  • Use to generate consistent colors for accessibility entries when views are modified

Kudos to @luis-cortes, @geoff-powell, @autonomousapps and @LuK1709 for their contributions this release!

0.9.0 - 2021-11-22


  • Migrate Paparazzi to layoutlib Arctic Fox 2020.3.1, providing native support for M1 machines
  • Migrate Paparazzi to layoutlib 4.2, unlocking future Compose support
  • Add support for projects enabling non-transitive resources
  • RenderExtension now visits view hierarchy pre-rendering instead of layering bitmaps post-rendering
  • Fail-fast when Bridge.init fails, usually due to native crash
  • Expose RenderingMode as a configurable option
  • Bump default compileSdk to API 30
  • Improve Java-interoperability experience
  • Kotlin 1.5.31


  • Don’t require Android plugin to be declared before Paparazzi plugin
  • Clear AnimationHandler leak after each snapshot
  • Don’t generate empty mov files on snapshot failure
  • Add Kotlin platform bom to prevent classpath conflicts during test builds
  • Use correct default Android SDK path on Windows
  • Use platform-agnostic file paths in Gradle artifacts to support remote caching across platforms
  • Use platform-agnostic file paths in Javascript for web page support on Windows
  • Fix font scaling issue in AccessibilityRenderExtension by using bundled font

Kudos to @luis-cortes, @geoff-powell and @TWiStErRob for their contributions this release!

0.8.0 - 2021-10-07


  • Migrate Paparazzi to use native layoutlib for better rendering and API 30 support
  • Add new extension for rendering accessibility metadata
  • Add support for fontScale in DeviceConfig
  • Add device config for Pixel 5
  • Add tasks to Gradle task verification group
  • Migrate publishing to gradle-maven-publish-plugin
  • Migrate builds to Github Actions
  • Migrate sample test from Burst to TestParameterInjector
  • Kotlin 1.5.21
  • [Gradle Plugin] Support for configuration caching
  • [Gradle Plugin] Gradle 7.2


  • Add method interceptor for matrix multiplication operations
  • Don’t swallow FileNotFoundExceptions when overridden platform dir doesn’t exist
  • [Gradle Plugin] Fix remote caching bug by referencing relative, not absolute, paths in intermediate resources file.

0.7.1 - 2021-05-17


  • [Gradle Plugin] Support the –tests option for record/verify tasks


  • [Gradle Plugin] Defer task configuration until created

0.7.0 - 2021-02-26


  • Kotlin 1.4.30
  • Add support for inline complex XML resources
  • Enable Burst support
  • Expose maximum percentage difference in image verification as a setting
  • Render extension api to add extra information to snapshots
  • Allow selection of night mode in DeviceConfig
  • [Gradle Plugin] Gradle 6.8.3
  • [Gradle Plugin] Creating an umbrella task to execute on all variants


  • Properly execute Choreographer.doFrame after view has been laid out
  • Fix broken text appearances when style resource names contain periods
  • Fix ability to access asset files
  • Use target-sdk to simulate device when available
  • Always write screenshots to disk in record mode
  • Don’t crash when running on Java 12+
  • [Gradle Plugin] Force test re-runs when a resource or asset has changed
  • [Gradle Plugin] Force test re-runs if generated report or snapshot dirs are deleted

0.6.0 - 2020-10-02

As of this release, consumers must build on Java 11 environments.


  • Point to a more recent version of layoutlib that runs on Android Q and builds with Java 11.
  • Refactor Paparazzi to better support non-Gradle builds
  • Added device configs for Pixel 4 series

0.5.2 - 2020-09-17


  • [Gradle Plugin] Fixed record and verify tasks in multi-module projects.

0.5.1 - 2020-09-17


  • [Gradle Plugin] Fixed race condition in record and verify tasks.

0.5.0 - 2020-09-16

  • Initial release.