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Hermit manages isolated, self-bootstrapping sets of tools in software projects.

Hermit ensures that your team, your contributors, and your CI have the same consistent tooling.

Packages installed via Hermit will be available on any future machine, Linux or Mac, by simply cloning the repository and running the linked binaries.

Each link will bootstrap Hermit if necessary, then auto-install the package, before executing the binary.

Get Started

Why Do I Need it?

If you’ve ever had to add something like the following to your project’s README…

Make sure you have at least Node 12.x.y, protoc x.y.z, GNU make version 4.x.y, and Go 1.16 or higher.

…then Hermit is for you.



Run this command and follow the instructions:

curl -fsSL | /bin/bash


Default packages are available here.

Source code

Contributions are welcome here.


Please file an issue and we’ll look into it.