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Private Packages

Custom Hermit

Hermit has a configurable command-line entry point which can be useful if you need to use a custom HTTP client in order to access your private packages or manifest sources. See the hermit main package for an example of how this is used.

This can be used to specify a custom set of sources, and other configuration, for your org.

Private Channel

If you ship your own version of Hermit you must choose a unique channel name (typically your organization’s name), eg. For Square this would be square. If you don’t choose a unique channel your users may end up using the public Hermit accidentally, creating confusion.

Installer Script


The Hermit installer requires the parent path component of its install URL to be the same as the channel name.

A custom can be generated by cmd/geninstaller:

geninstaller --dist-url=

Private GitHub Releases

Private GitHub Releases can be accessed with a Personal Access Token, an OAuth token or a GitHub App installation token. This token must have the repo scope set at creation.

The environment variable HERMIT_GITHUB_TOKEN must be set to this a token.