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Editor / IDE Integration

JetBrains - IntelliJ, GoLand


Due to the way JetBrains IDE plugin APIs are designed, specific support for each language has to be built into the plugin. Currently, only the JDK and Go are supported.

To install the plugin, search for the “Hermit” plugin from the Plugin Marketplace in the IDE Preferences > Plugin view, and install it.

When you open a Hermit managed project, a dialog is shown asking if you want to enable the plugin for the project. If you select “yes”, the plugin is configured for your project.

The plugin will automatically configure Go and Java SDKs to work with the IDE, including Run Configurations, tests, and the builtin terminal.

Terminal-based Editors

Terminal based editors should Just Work™️ if launched after a Hermit environment is activated.

Mac GUI Editors (Workaround)

For other editors and IDEs, the best solution in lieu of native plugins is to open up a terminal, activate the Hermit environment, then launch the editor from the terminal. This is not ideal, but does work until a plugin is available.

  1. Close your editor.
  2. From a terminal activate your Hermit environment: . ./bin/activate-hermit
  3. Launch your editor from the terminal:

    Editor Launch command
    Sublime subl -nd .
    Visual Studio Code code .

At this point your editor should be running with environment variables from the Hermit environment.

Visual Studio Code terminal

When using Hermit with the VS Code terminal, note that VS Code may alter the PATH environment variable. This can lead to conflicts with system binaries.

To ensure Hermit re-activation in VS Code terminal, adjust the VS Code settings as follows:

    "settings": {
        "terminal.integrated.env.osx": {
            "ACTIVE_HERMIT": null,
            "HERMIT_ENV": null,
            "HERMIT_ENV_OPS": null,
            "HERMIT_BIN": null


Some IDEs/editors have support for configuring environment variables explicitly. In this case you can use hermit env to dump a machine-readable list of the environment variables Hermit manages. This can then be configured in your IDE.


Note that if you add/remove packages from your Hermit environment you will need to reconfigure your IDE to pick up any changes to environment variable.