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Each Hermit environment contains a bin/hermit.hcl file that can be used to customise that Hermit environment.


Attribute Type Description
env {string:string}? Extra environment variables.
sources [string]? Package manifest sources in order of preference.
manage-git bool? Whether Hermit should manage Git.
inherit-parent bool? Whether this Hermit environment should inherit an environment from a parent diectory.

Per-environment Sources

Hermit supports three different manifest sources:

  1. Git repositories; any cloneable URI ending with .git, eg. An optional #<tag> suffix can be added to checkout a specific tag.
  2. Local filesystem, eg. file:///home/user/my-packages.
    This is mostly only useful for local development and testing.
  3. Environment relative, eg. env:///my-packages.
    This will search for package manifests in the directory ${HERMIT_ENV}/my-packages. Useful for local overrides.