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Renovate is an open source dependency update tools. It supports the followings:

  • Update Hermit Packages
  • Using Hermit as a source of Binaries

Update Hermit Packages

Package update with Renovate ensures updates are done explicitly to the code repository via code commits. Together with proper default branch protection setup & CI pipeline steps, it can prevent breaking hermit package update flows into the repository, which is always a problem in the implicit package update using Channel.

Enable Hermit Manager

To start using Renovate for Hermit package updates, you will need to add hermit to the enabledManagers option in the Renovate repository config.

  enabledManagers: ["hermit"]

Private Packags

If you are using Private Packages, You will need to configure the followings:

Hermit as Binary Source

Renovate provides different ways to specify the source of binaries of the package managers, which satisfies different needs across the Renovate community.

With the ability to specify hermit as a binary source for Renovate, an extra level of flexibility is provided to Renovate. The benefits are listed as follows:

  • Use exact version of package manager in a repository. (as opposite to the Go binary version)
  • Allows different package manager versions across all repositories managed by the given Renovate instance
  • Supports package managers outside the listing for binarySource=install

Note: This feature only supports Self-hosting Renovate environment where user have control over the binarySource attribute.